Soap Products

All- Natural Soaps

Coconut Oil Soap/40% Potassium Cocoate ​​
Our bread and butter. Hand-crafted with the same methods and formulas developed by our founder John Derrick in 1957. Our Coconut Oil Soap is made with all-natural ingredients. Coconut Oil Soap has a wide range of benefits. Our Coconut Oil Soap can be used as hand soaps, body soaps, shampoo, pet-care products, carpet soaps, and as base ingredients for a wide range of other products. Free of harmful chemicals, cruelty free, vegan, and ideal for sensitive skin. Contact us for more information.

Tall Oil Soap/Potassium Oleate
​​Our Tall Oil Soap (Potassium Oleate) comes in 10% and 20% varieties. Both varieties make for a great emulsifier ingredient in body soaps and dish soaps, or an all-natural insecticide for plants.

Body Soap​​
​​All-natural coconut-oil body soap has all the same benefits for skin as coconut oil. This product is naturally anti-microbial, and revitalizes damaged skin. It c​​an be delivered fragrance free, infused with essential oils or fragrance. 

​​Coconut Oil Foaming Hand Soap

Our all-natural Coconut Oil Foaming Hand Soap is perfect for cleansing, soothing, and moisturizing skin with a simple wash. We can customize the soap's scent to your liking with essential-oils or fragrances. Or, we can deliver it all-natural, unscented with its natural color.  

Laundry Soap
Plant based HE laundry soap. Made with pure and natural ingredients that won't harm the environment. Perfect for those with chemical sensitivities.

Cleaners and Detergents

Oven Cleaner
Industrial strength oven cleaner for the grimeiest and greasiest of kitchens. 

Floor Finish
Leaves floors shined and cleaned. Great for all janitorial floor cleaning needs. 

Dish Detergent​​
Our powerful dish detergent will make any and all dishes shine like new. Can be a customized in a variety of colors and fragrances. 

HE Laundry Detergent
Compares favorably with leading brand name laundry detergents and can be scented to fit your needs.  

Car Wash
Available in a variety of colors and fragrances, our industrial strength foaming car wash is affordable and effective for all auto-washing facilities. 


#83 Conveyor Lube
#83 Conveyor Lube is a water-based, all-natural lubricant formulated for all conveyor equipment. It's perfect for bottling, canning, and packaging. #83 Conveyor Lube is made from all-natural coconut oil and tall oil soaps to allow for easy cleaning, unlike lubes containing petroleum oil. This all-natural formulation is environmentally safe and non-hazardous.

# 350 Lube Compound
#350 Lube Compound is a water-soluble, all-natural, drawing compound. Our compound allows for the drawing of brass, copper, and aluminum without leaving any residue.         #350 Lube is the perfect solution to enhance drawing performance with all-natural ingredients, is non-hazardous and is made from soap for easy cleaning.